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Since visitor numbers are relatively high one can imagine there would be no coral left if every visitor took home a chunk. Coral reefs are delicate, vulnerable ecosystems that live and grow below sea level. It should become illegal to break off pieces of coral from the reef. The first solution is to place a limit on the amount of tourism operators in the Great Barrier Reef region. Glen Burns is an employee of a Great Barrier Reef scuba diving operation and he believes that educating tourists is very successful. The Great Barrier Reef has been under sustained attack from development, tourism and natural factors. Education could be included in tourist activity pamphlets, distributed through travel agents and information centres, to illustrate how important it is to care for the reef. Queenstown is a vastly growing, popular tourist destination in the Southern Island of New Zealand. One must remember that the authenticity of a destination can be ruined if it is overdeveloped. So with huge set-up and operational costs and the addition of hiring and training mainly seasonal staff, it can be seen that it is a pricey attraction to run.

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